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Adult Language Classes

Our affordable classes are focused on practical language use, are held online, and are delivered by experienced teachers from around the world. All proceeds go to fulfill NGLA’s mission of training students to become professional interpreters. Please choose the language you are interested in taking below.

We are currently accepting students and you can join at any time! Please see our class schedule below.  Please note that all class times are in Eastern Standard Time:


English for educators ( intermediate)-  Wednesdays,  7:30- 8:30pm


Spanish for Educators ( Basic)- Monday - Thursdays, 8am-9am

Spanish for Educators ( Intermediate)- Monday- Thursday,  7pm-8pm

​​Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese for Educators (Basic)

​Mondays, 7pm-8pm

Spanish Language Classes

Hola! Are you looking to improve your Spanish skills to communicate with your students, clients, or community members? These classes are catered to beginner and intermediate level students who want to improve their general Spanish profiency to communicate for general or work purposes.

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French Language Classes

  Would you like to learn French to connect with your community members and clients? Our classes are offered in French for those that are just beginning to learn the language. Our teachers are dedicated, knowledgable, and willing to held you gain solid footing in French and French culture. 

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English Lanugage Classes

Hello future students! Our English classes are designed for beginner and intermediate level students who want to improve their general English profiency. Our teachers are multilingual, so don't be afraid if you just starting to learn the language. Click below for more information.

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Adult Language Classes: Tests & Assignments

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Adult Language Classes: Text
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