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English Language Classes

These classes are catered to beginner and intermediate level students who want to improve their general English proficiency to communicate for general or work purposes. Students will receive weekly classes designed to improve their pronunciation, grammar, and speaking skills in English. Classes are tailored to student personal and work related needs. Students have the option of selecting one drop in class or a class package for the lesson term. Click below to register for our classes and begin your improving your English today!

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English Language Teachers

Omari Jeremiah

I am a professionally trained teacher as well as an interpreter. I have taught students English for over five years. I have taught students from different countries including Brazil, Egypt, South Korea, and Russia. In our English classes, I will help you identify your level of English and help you improve your English skills in the four key areas (Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading). I will also develop a language learning plan for you to help guide your English learning.  I have different levels of skill in Spanish, Swahili, and Portuguese. Do not be afraid if you are not a fluent English speaker!  Let’s work together to help you reach your goals in English! I look forward to seeing you soon!


Michelle Kamara

I volunteer with the Next Generation Language Access because of my passion to help others. I was once someone who had to learn the English language and I would like to give back by teaching others that may be struggling with the language.

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