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In the Classroom

Train the next generation of interpreters!

Our Program


The Next Generation Language Access Interpreter Training Program provides 60-100 hours of community interpreter training to high school students. Students  learn professional ethics, interpreting skills, cultural mediation, as well as professional development during interpreter training.  Students will also refine their interpreting skills and come out of the program job-ready with at least one resume and cover letter. Our training is can be held in-person as well as  online.


We need you!

Next Generation Language Access is looking for licensed interpreters who can deliver professional interpretation training to our students. Interpreter trainers will receive a stipend for their time and expertise. Interpreter trainers who have completed all NGLA onboarding requirements will be admitted to our interpreter trainer pool and will be contacted regarding their availability to deliver training.  Interpreter trainers should meet the following requirements:


  • Be licensed by a professional and recognized interpretation organization

  • Be experienced in training community interpreters

  • Have a strong internet connection ( if training online) with knowledge of how to use and navigate Zoom and Google Meet

  • Have reliable transportation to arrive and leave the training site ( if training in-person)

  • Be available to attend and complete Next Generation Language Access’ orientation for working with high school students and supplemental interpreter training program.  Orientation and refresher training last one hour. 

Next Steps

The steps to be part of our interpreter trainer pool are the following. Each step must be complete before advancing to the next one:

  1. Complete the interpreter trainer application

  2. Attend NGLA orientation

  3. Complete NGLA interpreter trainer agreement

  4. Become admitted to the NGLA interpreter trainer pool ( optional refresher training for high school students)

Image by Markus Winkler

Apply now!

Ready to complete the first step and apply to be part of our pool of trainers? If so, apply below:

Image by Matt Walsh


Do you have any lingering questions about being an interpreter trainer with us?  If so, attend one of our free information sessions to have your questions answered!

Interpreter trainer information session

Please click below to sign up for a free information session.  Information sessions are held on Thursdays at 6pm EST.

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