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Attend a Workshop

Ready to advance your skills and learn more about the world we live in? See below for our current community workshops!  All our workshops are held online and range from free to make a donation amount of your choice.  Learn more about our workshops below and join one of our workshops today!  

Image by Jon Tyson

Spanish Conversation Group

Ready to improve your Spanish? Join our free Spanish conversation group and practice your conversation skills!  All Spanish learners and native speakers are welcome.

Image by Jeremy Bezanger

Language Access and Cultural Competency Workshop

What can you do when a client, customer, or student does not speak the same language as you? What are the best ways to support members of our community who come from cultural or linguistic backgrounds different from our own? This workshop will review best practices for working professionals of all kinds ( including teachers, lawyers, medical professionals) about how to provide culturally competent care to all those they serve, regardless of their linguistic background.


Day in the Life of An Interpreter

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in the interpreting profession? How does someone become an interpreter? What do they need to do to get into this field? What are the rewards and challenges? During our online workshop, we will discuss with an actual interpreter what life is really like in this profession.

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