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Attend a Workshop

Ready to advance your language skills in conversation groups and language support services?  If so, please see our offerings for language workshops.  

Image by Jon Tyson

Spanish Conversation Group

Ready to improve your Spanish? Join our free Spanish conversation group and practice your conversation skills!  All Spanish learners and native speakers are welcome.

Exam Studies

Language Mentoring

How do you learn a language?  What are the best strategies to continue building your language skills when you are not in a language class?  Our language mentoring services will help you in building your internal skills and resources so that you can learn how to best learn the language you are practicing. 

Working in the Office

Career Support

Would you like to know how you can incorporate your language skills into your current career?  Are you looking for a new job with your newly acquired language skills? If so, please take advantage of our career support services that offer resume and cover letter support to help you reach the job you are looking for. 

Ready to attend our workshops to advance your language skills?  Become a member to start your language journey. Membership comes with unlimited access to all language workshops listed above as well as language classes.

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